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Armie Hammer’s most recent ex-gal pal claims their own romance was like matchmaking a wannabe Hannibal Lecter — since Hollywood star’s idea of pillow talk had been fantasizing about which of the girl areas of the body he’d choose to roast and devour.

“the guy said to me personally the guy would like to split my personal rib and barbeque and take in it,” app founder Courtney Vucekovich exclusively advised Page Six.

“‘F–k that has been weird,’ nevertheless never contemplate it once more,” she stated of ignoring the peculiar behavior at that time. “He says, ‘i wish to take a bite off you.’ If I got a little slice on my give, he’d like draw it or lick it. That’s about as strange as we have.”

The promises by Vucekovich, noted for producing the “on-demand glam” app Flashd, are available time after Hammer became the middle of a viral cannibal fury whenever drive emails he presumably sent explaining rape fancy and cannibalism moved viral.

In one, contributed by anonymous Instagram fund residence of Effie, Hammer presumably asked somebody if the guy could “cut down one of the toes and ensure that it stays with me during my pocket therefore I always got a piece of you within my control.”

In another, the guy allegedly defined themselves as “100 per-cent a cannibal.”

While Vucekovich, which outdated Hammer from June to October, couldn’t verify whether those specific screenshots comprise legitimate, she stated they certainly were no surprise.

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“the guy loves the thought of body within his teeth,” she says.

Vucekovich, exactly who spoke appropriate a divorce proceedings processing by Hammer’s estranged spouse Elizabeth Chambers, says to webpage Six that this lady partnership aided by the “Call myself by the Name” actor was not just strange and gross but in addition mentally abusive.

“He comes into lifetime this kind of a big means. He’s this type of a captivating people. They have such an appeal and he’s aware of can he uses they in such a way that a lot of people would envision silversingles, ‘Oh my gosh, it is remarkable,’ but specially women, that is type of the terrifying part — just how close they are at productive control and causing you to feel just like he’s never ever thought in this manner about anybody,” Vucekovich, 30, advised all of us.

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With the “Rebecca” actor’s overwhelming position, appeal and charisma, Vucekovich located herself submitting to Hammer physically and mentally, simply to see she had been controlled and gaslit.

“the guy rapidly grooms your for the connection,” she described. “the guy kind of captivates you and while being lovely, he’s brushing you of these things that is darker and heavier and consuming. Whenever I state eating, I Am Talking About mentally, literally, psychologically, financially, just every thing.”

Vucekovich claims Hammer try a “chameleon” who transforms into “exactly the person you want him to-be.”

“He sucks around all the benefits you may have kept,” she said. “That’s exactly what the guy performed if you ask me. We provided and gave and offered until they harmed.”

“the guy easily grooms you in union.”

Sooner or later, Hammer’s conduct turned “obsessive,” Vucekovich states. At some point, she and Hammer invested three weeks with each other, 24/7, as soon as they weren’t with each other, she says, he’d content her 100 times everyday.

“I becamen’t safer,” she discovered. “He kind of will make it like, ‘I’m planning to educate you on affairs.’ I’m wiser than that, but in which had been We through that? I knew the entire times. I had this abdomen feelings the opportunity that wasn’t right. He’s maybe not well.”